Defender, Redeemist

by Behold! The Monolith

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Mitchfynde thumbnail
Mitchfynde Take the big dumb doom of their debut, mix in some thunderous High On Fire-isms and boom. A feast of riffs from start to finish. Favorite track: Redeemist.
Old Man Doom
Old Man Doom thumbnail
Old Man Doom Dig the riffs from these weed smoking L.A. bastards. Drawing their power from the bands that have shed the fine microparticles of Riffage Dust from previous Gods, these guys are snorting it up and using it to power their battle armaments of riff destruction. Favorite track: Redeemist.
Rhokeheart thumbnail
Rhokeheart Phenomenal progressive sludge. One of the best metal albums I have heard in a while. Definitely something Sludge/Doom Metalheads will want to check out and a band to be aware of. Favorite track: Halv King.
SabbathJeff thumbnail
SabbathJeff Hear the Behold! The Monolith.
Bred for my ears.

Second and last of a great band that took High On Fire's sophomore album and ran with it.

Very sorry for your loss; never did get to see you live, but this will have to do. Still spin that s/t too, 5 years on. Killer albums. Thank you. This is a really great, more intricate and fleshed out sophomore than usual. Get this.

Recieved. Spun. Loved.
SebMorane thumbnail
SebMorane It grows on me after every listen ! Favorite track: Desolizator.
Francis Usher
Francis Usher thumbnail
Francis Usher \m/etal as a sword made of blood Favorite track: We Are the Worm.
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Second full length release from Los Angeles based metal band Behold! The Monolith


released January 24, 2012

- Recorded/Engineered by Billy Anderson
- Co-Engineered by Bill Metoyer at Skull 7 Studios, North Hollywwod, CA
- Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, San Francisco, CA
- Cover Artwork by Dusty Peterson
- Inner Artwork by Brendan Rowe

- All music and lyrics written and arranged by Behold! The Monolith
- The song title "Bull Colossi" by Kristin Brokaw
- Additional vocals by Scott Werren on "Cast On The Black/Lamentor/Guided By The Southern Cross


all rights reserved



Behold! The Monolith Los Angeles, California

California-based Behold! The Monolith bend blackened doom and fast-paced proto-sludge on their latest sonic assault "Architects of the Void". Released in September 2015, Architects combines the ferocity of Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Mastodon, and Motorhead into an epic 50-minute opus. Legendary producer Billy Anderson has again expertly harnessed the band's smoke-belching locomotive style... ... more

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Track Name: Guardian's Procession
Track Name: Halv King
Fear me, son of the red priest fire for eyes
Sent down from the cosmos
Paid with untold lives
Demonic wave from the sky
Halv King is crowned
Softly quietly I creep
In through your thoughts
Won't see me roaming this land
I swarm from far below
Cracked aura searching through your soul
Cerebral felt in your hands and toes
Life source grey and white are one
Gift for your sins to wage the toll
Lifeless body floating stiff and cold
Vicious knight of mace and blood
Cleanse failures wash these hands of sin
Halv king the meek is so revered
Breathe in the air spit out the fire
Fall to your knees and worship the king
Lurk out the front creep in the rear
Feel the knife thats pressed on your back
Severed the stem and soaking his hands
Nothing is left but body-less skulls
Track Name: Desolizator
Inside the fire I will grow
Stuck in the mire far below
Stuck in the light born of shit
Past mortal realms I don't exist
Eternal force sent from behind
Monster of man and outer realm
Claimed for the one fast and fierce
Can you feel? He's already here
Can't grab their guns
Dislocated in the rapid fire
Dug in the dirt
Their bodies buried
In the tears they've cried
My battle's won
I just came back to see
How far they'd run
You'll know my name
I cast a shadow in the dead of night
Sent forth from his body
He closed his eyes to believe
I cast a shadow on his dormant body
And took his life for reprieve
Fell on desolization
The judgement sent from unknown
Track Name: Redeemist
Sun and fire scorch the earth
Demon scourge has given birth
Barren black sand where nothing grows
Come my saviour which I don't know
Clad with broadsword
And helm of steel
He heads raging where others reel
Call it bravery or fateful course
This shining warrior in rising force
Our people this terror
Defender redeemist
At out throats unsheath
Defender redeemist
Circle of illumination
Don't know whence it came
Overlord cast his brood
These minions with no name
Reseemist beckoned from burning rivers
Heading forth on bridled wyvern
Vengeance cometh and faith restored
The book has spoken their rivals warned
Sortie commences through burning gates
The slow hand of doom
Redeemist arises through smoke and fog
The victor he rides
Crowned demons swarm feel them coming
Crushed demons fall praise our defender
Decapitated through flesh and spine
They're covered in blood
Bring us your master from cowardice throne
Lay him to die
Beast take your helmet off
Be, see in his eyes
There's no honor in enslaved lifetime
Taste cold steel
Beast you're no tyrant now
Beast be with your kind
They await you in their peril
They await
Track Name: We Are the Worm
Slither from frontal to spine
Myriapod the breeders the one
Latching to progress and sucking the skin
Gnawing through eggsacs
How gruesome the sight
We are the worm skullfucked and forged
We are the worm helminth unseen
Spasm in cranial fits
A flood from the stem in colors so bright
Perpetual the dream never ends
We've taken this husk in chemical fire
We burrow through your mind
Slip and slither through dead end dreams
This spinning world ain't what it seems
Like a tree branch, the limb we need
Our lives now become one we are the worm
Track Name: Witch Hunt Supreme
Burn the with at the stake burn her for this spell
Take the scarlet letter take it straight to hell
Blame her for your problems don't look at your own
Keep your children locked up keep them safe at home
I believe in a witch hunt she's the one to blame
For the problems here now all this suffering and pain
And you say it couldn't happen here I always knew it would
I say you never say never
Track Name: Cast On The Black/Lamentor/Guided By The Southern Cross
Sworn aside past the solar burn
Beckoned from my home with an hourglass
Space quells my scream stardust in the wind
Light a flame for the weary hearts
The ones lost in the stream
A flare cast on the black
Desires kept from the flesh
Shine a light on my path
I've reached terminal mass
Hold me close to your radiant warmth
I've left behind all I know
To learn the source of the call
Followed swiftly and blindly
Through sands of time
These tales of vile sorcery
And the powers you hold
Enamored by these synthetic ghosts
Just fall in line and join in the race
(lost in sin)
The glow of lust against the sky
A signpost to truth and unrestraint
Enamored by these opening arms
Just fall in line and join in the prayer
(lost in faith)
the glow of rage against the sky
A signpost to war and futility
Enamored by these demon wings
Just fall in line and join in the fight
(lost in peace)
the glow of power against the sky
A signpost to end the heretic search
Haunted by the sound of silence
Guided by the southern cross
Track Name: Bull Colossi
Burning linger in flight
Constellation red beyond white
Bask in the glow the glory beneath
Almighty force of evil besieged
Cloven hoof crimson eyes
Furrowed brow heinous soul
Cracked and burning with light
Fortified in the reach
Kissed on the ground and held to release
Fingers restrained with terror and fear
Blind embattled with pride
Slice through the flesh and witness the light
Bleed release to shine
Follow the path cast in the tide
Seeth breathe the angst
One with the light in eternity
Rest in glassy eyed gaze
Seek pity for none and throw down the cross

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